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Cataract Surgery Helps You Live Longer?

A new study proves that cataract surgery may do a lot more than just improve a patient’s vision.  It could actually give you the ability to live a longer life! Facts about the study: The study lasted 20 years The study included over 74,000 women (age 65 and older) with cataracts Results? There was a… Read More

LASIK proven to be SAFEST and most successful elective procedure in the world!

We have been waiting for years to be able to share these amazing statistics with you! According to a recent article, of all the potential elective surgeries in the world – LASIK surgery has officially been named the safest, most studied and most successful!  LASIK has highest patient satisfaction rate that has continually improved over the last… Read More

Dr. Andrew Schimel a Featured Speaker at Baptist Health’s Diabetes Symposium

Andrew Schimel, MD, our retina expert at The Center For Excellence in Eye Care, is sharing his knowledge on the podium with over 300 physicians including endocrinologists and other primary care diabetic providers this Saturday, October 14th, at Baptist Hospital during the Fifth Annual Baptist Health Diabetes Symposium! Dr. Schimel will kick off his lecture titled, Epidemiology and Diagnosis… Read More

“This man never gave up on me. My whole world opened up.”

In 2014 after she had her cataract surgery, Diana’s doctor noticed a rise in her IOP (intraocular pressures). A year later, because of her IOP, she was referred to see Dr. Cruz Colon, a glaucoma sub-specialist at our office who specializes in patients with severe glaucoma. Like many patients with severe glaucoma, Diana was prescribed 3 different… Read More

Prepare for Total Solar Eclipse Next Week! First time in 99 years!

Next week we prepare for a Solar Eclipse.  See below to read our press release regarding safety!  And the infographic below about what to wear! News Release William Trattler, MD 305-598-2020 How to Experience the Great American Solar Eclipse Without Damaging Your Vision The Center for Excellence in Eye Care and the American Academy of… Read More