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Couple in Sunglasses

Sunglasses come in a variety of styles, designer names and frame materials.
The style and material of the frame, however, is not as important as the features that make up the actual lens.

When shopping for sunglasses the most important thing to look for is its ability to block UV rays. Doctors recommend 100% UV protection. Studies have shown that exposure to UV light has harmful long term effects on the human eye. Contrary to popular belief, the color and degree of tint are not as important as the amount of UV protection that the lens provides.

Polarized sunglasses not only block UV light but reduce glare. They eliminate surface reflection which helps when out on the water and when driving on bright, sunny days. In addition, Anti-reflective treatment can be added to the back surface of the lens which will help with the glare coming from the back surface of the lens. This treatment enhances vision by enabling clearer more vibrant images.

The Photochromic lens, commonly known as Transitions, is another lens option that darkens automatically when exposed to UV light. These lenses are typically made for those who would like one pair of glasses for indoor and outdoor use.

Below are the popular designer sunglasses we carry at CEEC.